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VIP MATCHES 21/09/2016

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VIP MATCHES 21/09/2016

Post by admin on Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:01 pm

Cups and small quotas not taken into account because it can and themselves, and cups do not like to analyze because it's called into question the motivation above all, not to get into that.

16:00 Aluminium - ND Gorica
Premier League, Slovenia

ND Gorica is certainly a lot better team than today's host and there is no doubt. If Gorica be played as a deuce knows can not possibly be absent.

17/07/16 PL ND Gorica Aluminum 2: 0
07/06/15 PL Aluminium ND Gorica 1: 2
03/06/15 PL ND Gorica Aluminium 0: 0
30/10/13 CUP Gorica Aluminium 3: 1
10/23/13 CUP Aluminium ND Gorica 0: 1
05/11/13 PL ND Gorica Aluminum 2: 0
10/03/13 PL Aluminium ND Gorica 1: 3
Deuce to Gorica excellent salary, even 2.40, it would be a shame not to try.

19:00 Kalmar - Falkenbergs
Allsvenskan, Sweden

Guests are tacked to the last place and to them this is as far as the championship, on the other hand Kalmar is located in the middle of the table and to be difficult to drop or to be among the first third of the team, so we believe that this will be a relaxed sword.

Kalmar is at home every time wins today's guests with minimum 3 given goals and 3 of 4 crossings.

05/29/16 ALL IFK Kalmar 1: 2
18/07/15 ALL IFK Kalmar 4: 0
05/19/15 ALL IFK Kalmar 1: 3
25/02/15 CF IFK Kalmar 3: 0
08/14/14 ALL IFK Kalmar 3: 1
04/17/14 ALL IFK Kalmar 1: 3
21/09/03 SUP Kalmar IFK 3: 1
28/06/03 SUP IFK Kalmar 0: 0

Odds to host small, pays 1.40, but if you could play a game ht/ft 1/1 or the host wins with 2 or 3 data naked or combinations of these games then it is more correct bet.

20:00 Horsens - Nordsjaelland
Superliga, Denmark

This game simply have to try it! Guests are not in some form, but when you play on the play quite relaxed and they have won 2 out of 5, while in front of your fans do not know how to win. This is far from a safe game but we simply lures that you present.

07.04.13 EN Horsens Nordsjaelland 0: 2
03.03.13 EN Nordsjaelland Horsens 1: 0
07.16.12 EN Horsens Nordsjaelland 0: 4
23.05.12 EN Nordsjaelland Horsens 3: 0
25.03.12 EN Horsens Nordsjaelland 0: 2
24.07.11 EN Nordsjaelland Horsens 1: 1
04.03.11 EN Horsens Nordsjaelland 0: 0
05.12.10 EN Nordsjaelland Horsens 2: 1
11/11/10 CUP Horsens Nordsjaelland 0: 1
26.09.10 EN Nordsjaelland Horsens 3: 0
11:07:10 CF Nordsjaelland Horsens 0: 0
24.05.09 EN Horsens Nordsjaelland 2: 3

Horsens started the season quite correct and we have two defeats, while the guests have not yet experienced with a nice, but we will try to DrawNoBet2 because Nordsjaelland away game relaxed, and Horsens had not won since 2009.

20:45 Empoli - Inter
Serie A, Italy

Inter went round all surprised by beating Juve. We hope that today will negtivno all surprise us and that they will not lack motivation against Empoli that can not be proud of form, mails from 4 played match has just 4 points.

In addition, we believe a good atmosphere in the team Inter after beating Juve on their hands and go their matchup.

07/05/16 Inter Empoli 2: 1
01/06/16 SA Empoli Inter 0: 1
31.05.15 Inter Empoli 4: 3
01/17/15 SA Empoli Inter 0: 0
03/02/08 Inter Empoli 1: 0
09/01/07 SA Empoli Inter 0: 2
29.04.07 Inter Empoli 3: 1
17/01/07 COP Inter Empoli 2: 0
09/01/07 COP Inter Empoli 0: 2
12/10/06 SA Empoli Inter 0: 3

And so our choice for this match Inter victory that pays twice as 2.05!

All interested for additional information for VIP matches effectiveness of our insiders about 80% per month !

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